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For the Jollification of British Towns and Cities.

From medieval times up to the beginning of the 19th Century, every important town or city in Great Britain could boast of its own paid, liveried band of pipers called waits. They performed many duties, including playing at the town gates to welcome royal visitors, leading the mayor in processions, informally wandering the streets making music, and piping under windows to help the townsfolk wake up on dark winter mornings.

I vote for the return of waits around Great Britain, for the plain and simple jollification of British life. Our country is losing its grip, its identity, its sense of basic fun, dominated by greed at the top end and apathy at the bottom.

Yes, the Government is putting the squeeze on local councils by reducing their budgets, but think what an investment it would be to have our own bands of merry pipers dressed in bright velvets walking our streets, welcoming our visitors, and opening ceremonies. It’s  good for morale and good for tourism.

Raise your glasses and teacups to fun, guys and girls. Bring on the band. Preserve British eccentricity at all cost.

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3 thoughts on “For the Jollification of British Towns and Cities.

  1. Waking up to that would make a huge change to the current fire alarm I’m stuck with!!
    i totally agree with you Sarah 🙂


    • In the summer, I don’t bother setting the alarm clock, as I wake up when it gets light, which is quite early enough. In the winter — well, yes, I’d prefer something a little more musical than my two clocks screeching at me, five minute apart. I am like one of those flowers that only open their petals in the daylight hours.


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