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Music Passion

My music passion for July is a “Medieval Bells Composition” by a quirky, comic, group of French performers who go under the name of  Companie Les Gueules de Loup. When I stumbled across this video on YouTube, it had me in stitches laughing, but I do have a very strange sense of humour, so be warned. I guess a piece of music that doesn’t have a proper title, isn’t taking itself seriously.

Just for a little snippet of information, the wonderful woodwind instruments accompanying the bells, are shawms, which were the double-reeded forerunner to the oboe.

Hear ye, hear ye! Come and join in with adollyciousirony’s fun at

Also, go and say hi to moi, who chose this month’s instrumental theme, at


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18 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. This really made me smile Sarah. I’d love to have a go at those bells, but I’m sure it’s not as easy as it looks. 😀


  2. Love the creativity of it and like the first commenter it brought a smile to my face too!
    Very different from Britain’s got talent’s perfectionism but that is what is appealing…
    Getting back to essence, to what is real. Absolutely loved this post, it’s a sort of reality check, the things that makes you ask…where are we going with it all…the pushing, shoving everyone to a maximum…when will it stop, when will we be satisfied?
    Don’t get me wrong, I love these shows and enjoy the diversity of talent but it doesn’t stop me from wondering…


    • I agree entirely with what you’re saying. Very well put. So many performances are so slick these days, and lacking in spontaneity. It’s all become too competitive and motivated by the desire for fame and fortune. Where’s the fun in that?

      I’m hoping to persuade the director of the early music group I sing in, to integrate a “court jester” into our next concert of music from Henry VIIIth time!


  3. I love it Sarah… it made me smile. It’s a happy instrumental music and very fun to watch those players too 🙂
    Thanks so much for your contribution. xoxo


    • It’s my pleasure, Dolly, to make you smile 🙂

      We have a grey, grey summer here in the UK, so I was delighted to have those crazy French performers cheer me up, and then share such cheer with you and others xoxo


  4. Interesting choice Sarah 😉
    I’ll have to give this month’s theme a bit of thought…


  5. I was reading, with interest, the topic you have tried to have addressed by, regarding blocking certain followers…well I made a “sticky” out of that subject, which i would like your to see, if you wish.
    As I can tell the politics of (and the carpet statement) wordpress is the one we hear…Never the less, it is an false statement: we do not want anybody to be blocked from blogging…just not to follow one blog, (the one which is a personal blog, and has an admin, with his (hers hands)tight behind the back! Just not seeing your (mine blog) would suffice, and if the behavior, topic, etc, is offensive to more than one, than he gets it again…I find this educational actually. Now the model is tweeter… and as you check that out you can see how simple it is not to allow one to sell you celery in the celery field, for the price of gold…(just an example). You can also change your mind, if you so chose, and the fellow, doesn’t need to know a thing, but he can still tweet wherever he is wanted: After all, just because your house is on a public road, and has the door open, does not mean that anybody can come in (nor does it mean that you should live as if you were jailed!)

    Thanks for this opportunity, and hope to make these guys change their tune! It is not for them to tell us to allow everyone, or to sacrifice (since we were not told anything from the beginning) OUR FREEDOM, FOR THE SAME OF SPAMMERS, ETC, ETC.



    • Thanks, George 🙂 I’ve read your post about this and voted. I’ll post a comment there as well. Glad to find someone who feels the same way about this.


      • If the comments are still on…If not, you can comment on any other post, or page. As you know I ran into your forum topic, because I am very concerned by the pack of support and legal understanding of their duties of these guys from wordpress.
        Nice chat by the way!



  6. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


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