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The Slippery Slope to Compulsory Euthanasia?


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On the UK morning news, I heard the aging population described as “a problem” — especially those who will reach the age of sixty-five in five years’ time. This is the group that the Government has shat upon by telling them they’ll have to wait longer for their pensions, notifying them in writing that they’ll receive their pensions by such and such a date at the earliest. Note the use of the word “earliest” which leaves things open for the Government to move the goal post again.

What about the youngsters who can’t obtain jobs, while the elderly have no option but to work until they drop, or join the dole queue, too? How are youngsters ever going to get a foot on the work or property ladder? Added to this, it’s being suggested that the elderly who end up needing residential medical care, should raise the money by releasing equity in their properties.

So what do we have here?

  • Retirement age increase
  • Youth unemployment increase
  • Pension savings for the Government
  • Increasing numbers of young people on Job Seekers’ Allowance
  • Increasing numbers of people (young and old, being forced to take crap jobs) or have their benefits removed
  • Non-repayment of University Loans
  • More 20-30 year-olds having to live with their parents
  • Children no longer inheriting from parents

I could make this list go on forever, but these eight points are enough to show huge holes in the Government’s thinking. Surely the ever-increasing cost of providing money for unemployed youngsters, will wipe out any savings made by increasing the retirement age?

Why should the elderly population be classed as a problem, when before we’ve been told to eat healthy food and exercise, so we’ll live longer?

As history has shown, when one section of a population starts viewing another as a “problem”, the solution has often been less than desirable. Which leads me to the question, will we arrive at a point where those in charge will introduce voluntary euthanasia, followed later by compulsory euthanasia, for people over a certain age?

Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide
© Ryan Jorgensen |

Does anyone remember these two movies?

Solyent Green (1973) — starring Charlton Heston, in which the population are fed something they believe is high energy plankton, but which turns out to be made from human corpses from an assisted suicide clinic called “home”.

Logan’s Run (1976) — starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter, who are attempting to escape going to “Sanctuary” at the age of 30, which is a 23rd Century form of population control in a manmade city without crime, hunger, or strife.

Science fiction has a way of becoming science fact further down the line, so we should beware of the word “problem” being applied to the elderly.

For further reading about Euthanasia, you can find a list of books (both fiction and non-fiction) at

And a list of movies which explore the subject at

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15 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope to Compulsory Euthanasia?

  1. Wonder how those same officials will handle being called a “problem” when they inevitably reach the age they now see as a problem…


  2. You write as I have often thought and this is a brilliant piece that should be compulsory for everyone to read. Startling unreality at once catch in my throat the way their actions and words are destined to eventually catch up with them. But there are so many movies running this theme, even now Not sure if Hunger Games qualifies, it’s fuzzy in my head now as is much these days. Reading this, however, leaves me wondering if the movies are already depicting our futures since – in my humble observation and opinion – the powers that be are all connected to one another in some “behind the scenes” way or other. Scary and very sobering, Sarah, well done piece. Pension loss/reduction happened in our country some years ago with still more crazy gov’t spending and fat bereaucrat pension packages that set them sailing to those islands you speak of whilst the peons who put them there scrabble for scraps of whatever is left. No better than the ancient times of twisted kings in rule are we – just that there are so many more of us now. Science has advanced, arts have advanced, what the heck is it with human leadership that seems to get so stuck. Oh. Wait. Humans. Sigh. I better shutup before I blog on your blog. You should try to get this published in your local papers or someplace where others can comment freely as well. I think it worthy reading for everyone. xo


    • Our local paper usually only publishes twee, cosy stuff, but I guess it might be worth emailing it to the Editor, as there are loads of unemployed youngsters and working pensioners in this this town.

      I think the world is all out of balance. Although I’m not a Catholic, I’m glad the new Pope is a liberation theologist. And for once we have an Archbishop of Canterbury who’s willing to voice his opinion to the Government. Let’s hope these two forthright spiritual leaders will continue to stick up for the poor and needy, and not get sat on by the Establishment.

      I just finished reading John Grisham’s novel “The Appeal”. Despite finding his writing heavy going and rather dry at times, I can well believe how a billionaire could buy himself justice in the Supreme Court and stomp over the cancer victims of his toxic waste dumping.

      You and I, Janni, would right the world, if we knew how and had the energy. But, I guess, every little protest we make, counts. xoxo


      • We could, I believe, Sarah. We just need the dang money. So sad that money has such clout but it does. Keep doing what you do. I will too. Maybe a collective dent in collective social consciousness will occur if we just stay at it together 😀


  3. The Duty-to-Die cult have unlimited financial-assets by which they are getting nonstop air-time, to poison their captive audiences with commercials, talk-shows, comedies, soap-operas and documentaries.

    I don’t think they have gone public with it yet, but Belgium is getting away with so much, that now they want to put their euthanasia customers to sleep, and remove their hearts and lungs while they are alive.–To minimize the number of organs which are discarded because they are unusable, by the time the transplants take place. That would also increase more profits, in their killing-industry.

    Their terrorist-network is definitely headed toward forcing governments to put an end, to dying of old-age.

    How they have built their empire of death is, by using scare-tactics about pain, suffering, diseases and loss of dignity. Now, in Canada and the U.S. (I think), they have a commercial which blames the aging-process, for costing most of the money to treat people’s sicknesses and pain.–Needless to say, the most psychopathic terrorists alive are the falsely-called “Right to Die Societies”, under an umbrella of names. While they pawn themselves off as the “experts” of everything, they are nothing better than a terrorist-network of psychiatric patients on-the-loose, who are only one part of a NEW-WORLD ORDER agenda, to de-populate most of the world.


    • Thank you, Ironsides, for providing some detailed evidence to back up my fears. That bit about harvesting organs in Belgium is like something from a horror movie. All very alarming stuff.


  4. I loved and enjoyed reading your commentary, Sarah! Just so you know governments don’t “think”, people do. A committee (most government forums) are composed of a body with many legs and no head. While my references can be amusing, they are also true my friend. Luckily people, such as yourself, do care enough to speak out, the more the better to bring about true reform (wish it would happen a little faster than the current slow-mo, however)! Take care of you … xx


  5. We are living in scary times wondering about history repeating itself. I confess to be glad to being in Ecuador where the elderly are revered and treated well.

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