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Music Passion

Music Passion at is for songs about “Spring”, which I’ve chosen to celebrate with a rumbustious late medieval – early renaissance song, “Ecco la Primavera” (Spring has come apace) by the Italian composer Francesco Landini, performed here by the hungarian multi-instrumentalist Arany Zoltán.

The English translation of the song is …

Spring has come apace
To waken hearts to gladness;
Time for lovers’ madness
And to wear a happy face.
The elements together
Are beckoning to mirth;
In this delightful weather,
Delight pervades the earth.
The grass in fresh rebirth
Helps meadows come a-flower,
And every branch and bower,
Is decked with kindred grace.
Spring has come apace
To waken hearts to gladness;
Time for lovers’ madness
And to wear a happy face.

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16 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. Beautiful tune Sarah!!!
    And I just love the pics on the video!!


    • I absolutely love the earthy, rugged sound and the tuning of this type of music 🙂

      The early music group I sing in sometimes performs some fun secular pieces like this, along with some saucy or melancholy madrigals about such as unrequited love, as well as sacred plainchant and polyphony.

      I expect we’ll get around to recording something eventually, then you’ll be able to hear it.


  2. alarmingman on said:

    I agree – the earthy sound of this music is gorgeous. I can easily imagine these guys wandering through a town as they play


    • That’s exactly what they did, and some of them wandered from town to town across Europe. There’s a wonderful spontaneity to the music, which would have appealed to paupers and kings alike.


  3. really lovely. the third stanza was amazing


  4. Oh Sarah, finally I had played your Music Passion and it’s so awesome and beautiful 🙂 I could picture myself dancing and enjoying the beauty of spring! I love it!
    Thanks dear! xoxo


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  6. How very beautiful, Sarah. I was transported to another time, another place!
    This brought such a big smile with it. Thank You…


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