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Music Passion

February is the month of love, meaning this month’s Music Passion at requires songs with “heart” in the title. I have chosen  “Ouvre ton coeur” (open your heart) — a French art song by Georges Bizet, with a text by Delâtre — sung here by my favourite countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky.  The music first appeared in the ode-symphony Vasco da Gama, composed in 1859–60.

Here is the text in English.

Open your heart

The daisy has closed its corolla,
shadow has closed the eyes of the day,
Beautiful one, will you keep your promise to me?
Open your heart to my love,
oh, young angel, to my flame.
Let a dream charm your slumber.
I want to recapture my soul.
Open your heart, oh young angel to my flame
as a flower opens to the sun.

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15 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. Lovely piece of music this Sarah!
    I’m still thinking of the song I have to post.
    Since I have a hate/hate relationship with valentine’s day, I can think of a few songs 😉


    • It’s all a bit of a commercial gimmick the whole Valentine’s thing. I never received one card as a teenager, which really helped my confidence and caused me so much stress, it gave me an extra spectacular outbreak of spots each year!
      But, of course, this provided me with a reason more my rejection, which went something like this, “My God, I’m so ugly. No wonder nobody sent me a Valentine. Who’d want to kiss a face covered in zits?”


      • The things we do to ourselves.
        We all know it’s a silly thing to even think about, let alone get upset about, but still.
        At one time or other you want to be the person sitting with the candle in front of somebody holding your hands 😉
        Hey, maybe one day – I just never know!


  2. Beautiful, Sarah!


  3. A sublime song for the heart 🙂 Thanks for sharing this song… I like it… it’s very lively too! xoxo


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  5. What an amazing voice he has, Sarah…!
    His voice carries a ‘smile’; just beautiful..


  6. Lovely! Thanks for this and the translation. Agree Valentines day like all other commercialized celebratory events is over-hyped (sounds stupid to say it out like that, lol). But it’s the stress/pressure that detracts from the actual value of it. Thanks for reminding us of love, sweet love. 🙂 xo


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