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A journalist’s bad day

Chris Grayling Outlines Right To Attack Burglars At Conservative Party Conference

This headline has been prominent on since first thing this morning. It’s so funny, it  succeeded in making my husband laugh loudly before breakfast, which is most unusual.

What is particularly scary about this headline, is that it’s still there at lunchtime, which means that nobody at Huffingtonpost or news has noticed  how it reads. Either that, or they don’t care as they’re sick of the present government and want to take the mickey.

So we have four possible outcomes here:

  1. The journalist who wrote this article has scampered off to the pub for lunch to drown his sorrows and blame his red face on the booze.
  2. The same journalist has taken all his friends to the pub to celebrate his getting this wicked headline past his editor.
  3. The editor has seen it and wants to humiliate the journalist.
  4. People rise to their own level of incompetence and the editor thinks the headline is wonderful.

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5 thoughts on “A journalist’s bad day

  1. Or someone just is not paying attention. Our local paper had an editor/manager who was – – – well – – – let us say “not liked.” Back when Nixon was in big trouble the following line appeared in a column about Tricky Dick’s problems:
    “and President Richard Nixon said ‘{editor/manager’s name} is a SOB.”
    The typsetter’s union was having a little problem with management; obviously.


  2. See, the headline made sense to me, literally, though I think it may be difficult to determine which members of the Conservative Party are the burglars who should be attacked. If it is anything like American Politics, then every member is a likely suspect, and chaos would result… 🙂


  3. Your 4 possible outcomes are absolutely brilliant. Loved them…



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