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Music Passion

Hey, it’s September and time for all music lovers to party with adollyciousirony at  

Thank you to Jazfagen (winner of last month’s music passion) for choosing “Blues” as September’s theme

I’ve found this a really hard one because there are so many brilliant songs and instrumentals dating back to the origins of Blues in 1890, up to our contemporary Rap Blues. But after much deliberation, I stopped my time machine in 1970, to honour the legendary Jimi Hendrix, whom I can personally claim to have heard doing a live performance of my music passion “Earth Blues”.

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15 thoughts on “Music Passion

  1. You heard Jimi live? :O


    • Indeed I did, and watched him gyrate around the stage in his tight hipsters and squirm around on the stage floor, playing his guitar with his toes and teeth. I will never forget the experience as long as I live. Shame he didn’t live longer, though, although the young death of such a genius has freeze-framed him in time in his own version of immortality.


  2. Wow! Lucky you girl to have watched Jimi Hendrix performed live! This is a grand choice for our Music Passion “Blues” 🙂 Thanks Sarah
    Dolly xoxo


  3. Reblogged this on allaboutlemon and commented:
    How about Sarah Potter’s Blues.
    Let’s hear it folks… Enjoy!


  4. Good choice. Gotta love Jimi.


  5. Classic music. You are lucky to have seen him live!


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  7. Nice! Jimi Hendrix took the Blues and injected them with steroids! The result was always a WOW! I envy you for having seen him – that must have really been incredible.


    • That’s a brilliant and apt description of what Jimi did to the Blues. And, yes, it was incredible seeing him. It was as if he was plugged into the National Power Grid. I don’t think somebody could keep inputting and outputting energy at such a rate for too many years without self-destructing. He was like a neutron star.


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  9. A neutron star…*great description*. And Amazing guitar…(i’m old enough, but never saw Jimi in person. I’m glad you got to see him:) *Thanks for this*…


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