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The voice of an angel – countertenor Philippe Jaroussky

The first time I ever heard the French countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky, was when they dubbed his voice into the franco-italian costume film The Amazing Farinelli which was about the great castrato soprano, Farinelli.

Having found the angel had a name, I decided to look him up on YouTube, where I found myself transported by his rendering of  the Marian Antiphon Ave Regina Coelorum (Hail Queen of Heaven) by the 17th century baroque composer, Andrea Mattioli.

And, to my delight, Philippe Jaroussky looks like an angel, too.

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7 thoughts on “The voice of an angel – countertenor Philippe Jaroussky

  1. Dear Sarah, this is a beautiful recording. I grew up listening to Alfred Deller.


    • I just listened to Alfred Deller on YouTube. He has a beautiful voice, too. And he was singing the opening aria that I performed in my last recital–Purcell’s “Music for a while”

      I must try to retrieve from my old laptop a recording of me singing it, and post it on my blog sometime. Being a lyical mezzo-soprano, I quite often sing arias that would have originally been written for a male alto/countertenor. When my voice was higher than it is now and I used to sing icognito from a choir gallery, I was often mistaken for a boy treble.


  2. LaDona's Music Studio on said:

    I hadn’t heard of Andrea Mattioli – I see he’s in Groves but not Wikipedia – so what good is THAT?!!
    Lovely recording – what a clear, strong beautiful voice!


    • I’d love to sing some Mattioli, but can’t find any copies of his music anywhere. It’s probably a case of having to hunt for hidden gems in archives and then, either writing the songs and instrumentals out in modern notation, or singing and playing it straight from the manuscript, if you’re genius enough to do so. Quite a number of the songs recorded by Philippe Jaroussky seem not to have been published as sheet music, and are not obtainable in the public domain for free.


  3. alarmingman on said:

    Such a lovely way to start the day!


  4. Thanks for posting! Philippe Jaroussky is great, but my favorite countertenor is the Australian David Hansen. See this video and be amazed:

    David Hansen’s website:

    Greetings from


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