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An Assault on Vanity

Faceless Woman Clip Art

A shrieking and wailing city catapulted her out of sleep. The remnants of Tania’s dreams retreated, their threads snapping too fast for her brain. She dragged herself up on an elbow and fought to focus on her clock, but to no avail. The digits blurred grey and her eyes had the sort of hollowed-out deep ache that went with a hangover, but she’d not touched a drop of alcohol for days.

Dragging herself to the bathroom, Tania leaned over the sink and splashed water at her face, but couldn’t feel it contact her skin. Then she looked in the mirror and knew the reason for the cries of terror and anguish from all around her. Apart from her eyes and the skin covering their sockets, her face had gone. In its place, she saw a smooth blank; the work of Dr Hamid’s new wonder cream that claimed to banish wrinkles overnight.

Author’s note: In my experience the more fantastic the claims for a beauty product, the more expensive and full of dangerous chemicals it is. I believe in organic beauty products, used from head to foot, and a balanced diet of freshly prepared meals.  Combine this with a positive attitude, creativity, and trying to see the funny side of things whenever possible.  Who cares about a few laughter lines and characterful wrinkles?  I don’t fancy looking like a faceless mannequin doll. Do you?


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3 thoughts on “An Assault on Vanity

  1. I like this a lot. I like microfictions. I like the grim and surprising horror aspect. I also like the sentiment as I see beauty in all sorts of things and the idea of striving to be an idealised clone does not make the world a beautiful place.


  2. The horror aspect is far-reaching – as with previous poem when read at that angle, and as a health and safety professional I can say I am horrified with some of the chemicals, or many, that are mixed into these products, and the long-term harm they can do, both to the environment and person, with illness and more, not less wrinkles!


    • I only use organic beauty, non-cruelty to animals products. My rule is, that if something isn’t good enough to eat, then it isn’t good enough to go on my skin. People put all that chemical rubbish on their skins, thinking it will just stay on the surface of their bodies and not do any systemic or long-term damage. Considering Nature provides such as aloe vera, olives, tea trees, neem, and lavender, why would anyone in their right mind opt for synthetic poisons. The same goes for cleaning products – Ecover, vinegar, and teatree between them, cover most basic cleaning areas. Perhaps I should write a whole post about this.


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